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Post whatever
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Musikchan will slowly be converted to an updated and optimized HTML5 source code. Existing themes will be slightly tweaked and the site as a whole will receive a make-over. Besides that, we will also be getting an official Musikchan wiki and a home page. We will do our best to keep yet improve upon the authentic Musikchan browsing experience. It is unsure how long the updating of Musikchan will take, our minimum estimated time is a few months.

Besides this, we now own a Discord server, which you can access through our navigation bar. Discord is an instant messaging and voice chatting app, which works in browsers, Windows, Macs and almost all mobile devices. There is more info below for those aren't familiar with Discord.*

The global thread bump limit is reduced from 500 to 200 posts, due to YouTube embeds slowing threads, and to stimulate the generation of new content and creation of more threads.

Lastly, Musikchan Reviews is looking for reviewers! Someone who has a genuine interest in music and is willing to write at least one review each week. The review has to live up to our guidelines and ethics. We have been putting this part of the website off for too long, so we have decided to blow this part of the website into a new life.

Happy browsing,


* When you join the Discord server, you'll need to register your username and verify the email address you're using for it. This is a security measure, to make it easier to moderate.

Discord is a free convenient web client, PC & MAC client and mobile app. It is used to join servers with channels, in a similar way to IRC. It has lots of nice features:
>voice chatting through voice channels
>friends and block system
>many convenient customization options
>a clean, organized user interface
>options for displaying a game or program as "playing game name" (like "playing Half Life 2" or "playing Ableton Live 9 Suit")
>user profiles and personal notes
>bots and their scripted actions galore
>tons of emoticons, most of which decent and not lame
>custom serverPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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will there be widgets?


the discord server is tight. its got an app too so you can stay connected to musikchan 24/7. ill be in there a lot, since it is easier to use on mobile than irc.


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Yeah, this is great news. I may even see if i can write a music review


I've removed the email verification requirement. The server isn't very populated yet anyway, besides a part of the regulars.

Maybe. We will look into that.
mzrt knows what's up. I'm there most of the time too.
Hell yeah, tell us when you do!


Why aren't you in the discord server yet? What are you yella?

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lol, I wonder what piece this is from


oh, no wonder it's kagel



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Holy shit, my sides


File: 148025529884.gif (1.95 MB, 380x292, 1410997110522.gif)

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What do you think of Trump v Hilary?

And what do you think of Trump? Why are people voting for him? I feel like I just don't "get it" because so many Americans are
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Yeah, I'm with this. we all see the corruption. We all see that it's rigged. It still was dumb to trust trump. And so far, he hasn't made himself any more appealing or proven himself worthy



When it's hurting people, I care. When it's hurting your preferred pronouns, I couldn't give less of a shit.


If it was just feelings that were at risk then yeah you would be entirely right. Reductio ad absurdum. Get a grip.


Obama said that it wasnt rigged and to stop whining. Elizabeth Warren said that it wasnt rigged and to put on your big boy pants. Where are these voices now?

What evidence do you actually have of Russian interference? What did these Russian hackers actually do to influence the election?


>reading comprehension
As in, the party system is rigged and corrupt. As in, the "swamp" should be "drained" as Trump says. I think he was elected fairly

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Stay safe Florida bros


Stay safe Flo Rida, bro

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Does the ear attune in real time to volume changes? Example, I listen to music in my car, headphones, or just my stereo and after a while I feel the need to turn it up, because it sounds quieter. But, if for example someone calls for me, I seem to hear them at a normal volume.

So, my question is does the human ear adjust to volume levels in real time?
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>But, if for example someone calls for me
This is a very specific example. The brain would be attuned to pick this out, so you'd notice it. This is more how hearing works than any comparison to leveling or something


not OP but can anyone explain why specifically my alarm tone will wake me up at a low volume while other sounds I can sleep through without a hitch? is it just conditioning?



That's really what I am wondering. Break through the condition of the ear, amd what is left afterward? Are the final layers made of sound, word..? After getting into it one would see that each sense is linked, but if you chose to favor sound, what then? Just musing. By knowing each sense well enough, you share mind, but what if one were to dedicate ones life to this craft, not the craft of music, which is a small part of it, but the craft of prophecy through inner science, for the purpose of using sound to pull good prophecy out of the void and avoid bad? To influence the sake of the world.


I feel like we're getting away from the question about alarm clocks here...



You would become the alarm clock.

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Lost 60 bucks to some bum doing a shell game. I can't believe I was such an idiot to fall for it. I didn't know it was a classic trick if that's any defense, but that goes without saying...

Cheer me up musikchan by sharing stories of your own if you're an idiot too or know idiots

Some people are DICKS fuck man
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yeah dude, it was confusing, I don't know how I fell for it. In afterthought, he implied it was a charity/a promotional deal/for a new phone app/etc- so many different things; shouldn't I at least have noticed that that didn't line up? He also prefaced the actual bet with descriptions of other unavailable deals for his promotional thing that he wasn't performing but for which you wouldn't have to put any money up, and he of course let me play an unrigged game a few times before betting... Fuck him, fuck me.

The whole thing was crafty as fuck. He had a shill too. My friend caught on and was being quiet, but before he could speak up the guy (who was black) accused him of racism for being so withdrawn so he just stayed quiet...

Good luck man, if it's still a problem you're dealing with. Maybe I'm learning the same thing about pride. Oh well, better to learn than not


File: 14739729646.jpg (353.68 KB, 1280x720, 20160915_104256.jpg)

I crashed a high roof van into a parking lot ceiling today(Pic related)

Sure, the company will get insurance to pay for it, but fuck; i feel dumb as shit.


So you're not the only person not paying attention to life! Wich is nice.


I am an extremely clumsy person and have minor embarrassments (tripping up, spilling stuff, doing something the unnecessarily awkward way for no reason, DROPPING EVERY PEN I HAVE EVER HELD, the list goes on) every day. I'm also pretty gullible when it comes to friends but at least with strangers I compensate by trusting no one with nothing. Overall pretty shitty, will trade money for better motor skills and spatial awareness.


>about a few months ago
>helping friend with moving his stuff to a storage box
>we load all stuff into the truck smoothly
>until my mate attempts to cover some discolorations and damage on the walls
>by using the wrong color of paint
>we now have to paint the whole damn room
>we spend like 2 hours on it and can't even finish, we don't have enough paint
>his neighboring roommates come home, turns out they had the correct color of paint and would have come home earlier if we had just called
>we don't have any more time to repaint the whole room AGAIN and don't have enough paint anyway
>pissed as fuck, we head towards the storage unit
>it's a really small and shitty one
>super frustrated by trying to Tetris all this bullshit furniture in
>halfway through, the alarm of the building goes off
>keep stuffing our unit with furniture anyway
>mate's hand gets stuck between wall and thing he was holding, bleeding pretty badly
>get the fuck out of there after finishing getting shit into the unit
>gas up the van we rented and return, cops are there and we are driving right past them in that rented van from the same fucking company
>we casually get out, he gives me the keys to the car and tells me to get inside
>I wait in the car for 5 mins, wondering where he is
>get out, walk over to entrance of building, see him with the police
>I decide to be a dumb fuck and ruin his lying to the cops
>I get away without any shit, he got fined
I didn't fucking know we weren't supposed to be in that storage unit building past 11 PM, I feel so dumb.

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Rate my cable management /chill/
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File: 147381865744.jpg (26.36 KB, 370x313, 1462917710006.jpg)

While my current cables are a mess and I'm actually quite big on cable management, that sounds like a nightmare. I posted this as a joke, I just haven't been arsed to fix it yet because I have more important things to do first. How do you not break your neck over those cables? Insist on having it organized next Christmas, tie them together yourself if you have to, that shit is just dumb.


i live in an apartment. in order to keep the spirit of christmas, i do put up lights in my windows. i have two long strands with icicle lights. somehow they got tangled and it took me two long frustrating hours to untangle them.

your story makes me want to break something


I just have a mac, I have one wire and I keep it coiled at all times to commute between school and home. I'm not a huge mac fan, but they're functional and the cable wire is totally minimal. I usually don't carry a phone with me so I don't have a phone charger wire even, just my mac charger plus ear phones that I keep in my pencil case. I learned how to coil rope in the sea scouts when I was a kid so I never really had this problem, I'm not looking forward to owning a desktop again specifically for this reason. I really, really don't like clutter.


File: 147389056731.jpg (392.86 KB, 1280x720, 20160914_215913.jpg)

If you want to go all OCD on this then you should consider getting a cable manager spiral.

Rate my cable "management"


Sexy modular synth routing and jelly as fuck/10

I think cable management on a modular synth is nigh-pointless anyway. It can disturb the workflow. IMO the best you can do is place your modules on a vertical wall and let cables hang that way.

File: 147325274330.jpg (18.64 KB, 500x500, 1462874803801.jpg)


Ay all. Nexx here. I'm ditching the old nickname. The reasons are personal, but eventually for the better for me.

Ay. Thought I'd mention it.
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Thanks bro. It's been a wild ride so far, but it's great being a dad. My inlaws are here for 2 weeks so I am also getting a lot of Chinese practice


File: 147387350241.png (5.51 KB, 56x54, Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at ….png)

究所。。。但是我现在才有二级汉语水平考试,所以今年我得好好儿的学习中文 哈哈。I need to get a language partner honestly as I think my 雅绅特 still sucks all the dicks (wasn't sure about the Chinese on that one). This is probably a great opportunity for you long term, soon you'll have TWO native speakers in your house.
>tfw your kid still shits the bed but can speak better mandarin than you

I hope that Ham the half Han will grow up to be a true Musikian in any case!
I know not Han really but let me have it...


I'm Asian and I only have been with Asian women.
feels good man congrats on making a future attractive halfie


File: 147431416477.png (1017.65 KB, 703x937, image.png)

yeah, I never took an HSK test. If I did, I would probably land somewhere around level 3 since I havent worked on my writing quite so much these days. My speaking and listening skills are getting much better though. I can communicate almost any idea I need to get across.

My in-laws are in town right now and I have been getting some serious Chinese practice. It has really helped me to see where I have improved and where I need to improve.

My accent is also pretty crappy, but oh well. Itll come in time.

Nice dude. Keep up the good work

Here is a pic of young Ham, wearing 100x layers of clothing, ready to go out.


That is a cute ass baby, he did a little face as if to ask, 'Where is my damn cabbage?!'

tbh if you can watch movies and communicate you're probably at least level 4. My accent is still terrible too, I want to get a language partner this year and work on that and listening comprehension. Progress is slow yo ;-;


Our old youtube embed method was deprecated. I have written a new one. All old youtube embeds will have a warning from youtube at the bottom of the screen. All new embeds will be embedded according to the current youtube standard.

Please report any errors in this thread.

i am not anticipating any errors, but you never know

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