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File: 147429880431.png (379.24 KB, 934x619, image.png)

here is a draft of the flag for a fictional nation that is the basis for a musical project i am involved in


File: 147429893043.png (119.18 KB, 1280x777, unnamed.png)

the flag of East Carnegie Hall


Not into designing them, but I can name almost any country and it's capital just given the flag. My favourite flags are Macedonia, Nepal, all the 'Stans', Togo, UAE, Bangladesh and Tunisia.

This is cool, very Germanic/Eastern European. Motif reminds me of Albania/Montenegro/Moldova/the Holy Roman Empire rip ;-;


I didn't know they perform Thriller in Carnegie Hall


File: 147446273030.png (669.8 KB, 973x647, Flag of the Met Opera Empi….png)

Check out this program called flagmaker, made by a dude on reddit who loves flags


this one was inspired by the Albanian and North Korean flags, but I also love Germanic and Eastern European flags so I am sure some of that influenced me as well.

If you mean the lion, lol, its because Andrew Carnegie was from Scotland and Scotland has a lion on its royal standard


I have some more

Here is the flag of the Metropolitan Opera Empire, inspired by the Roman Empire

File: 147073701083.jpg (459.93 KB, 1200x960, zelda_twilight_princess.jpg)


What is your all-time favourite video game and why?

pic related, this game gets a bad rap from some people but I still love everything about it except the end of the final act and a couple of the edgier cut-scenes. I think Majora's Mask is probably overall a better game in terms of game design, but the art design, music, and storyline are all just off-beat just on-beat enough to embody everything I love about this franchise. It's also a lot more playable than Majora imo. This is the game that set the precedent that brought us Skyward Sword, but I don't think it falls into the bracket of being so derivative as to be a bad or even an unoriginal game. The design is unique enough, the improvements on Ocarina big enough (Ocarina doesn't look good at all to me anymore, but still good obviously) that I think this game is easily in the top 5 games of this series. Have I mentioned how much I love the design and music?

Gameplay wise, it's not the best game ever made, but as a Zelda vessel it's more than serviceable, and the animal mechanics are fantastic. The dungeon design is some of the best in any Zelda game, and while the wolf/Midna mechanic is a bit superficial it's still cool to play. Overall a big 8/10 from me.
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Unofficial as in it's a rom or flash game or something?



It was made by fans and requires you to do some wonky stuff to install it


y'all ever play harvest moon? Man that game was cozy


Without a doubt Half Life 2.

The moment when me and my best friend played it for the first time in a shitty computer that would take 30 min to load between levels, was just amazing. My mind was blown. We were like 14 years old i think.

And in second place is STALKER:SOC. Brilliant game, played it around the same time.

File: 147056646285.jpg (65.62 KB, 1000x630, gTfUAXtK.jpg)


so what do you think of the opening ceremony? your thoughts on the scores? who's going to win? russian scandal? security alerts?
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where'd you get this gif?


I mean... here...


It's the ever further degrading GIF from the bump when high thread, I love how it just keeps getting worse



It works fine on mobile tho

File: 147016653692.jpg (21.75 KB, 320x240, new_kids320.jpg)


my name is matvei
I'm from Russia
I got tired of 4chan's /mu/
how do u get into musikchan?
who are the admins and mods and other notable persons of musikchan?
are there any musikchan memes and musikchan -core albums?
tell me plz
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oh, for sure. I'm pretty much joking though


Whoops, kind of hard to read over text there haha


Matvei you are the man


I am not a man
I am uberman


Hey matvei, are you still around bro? Could you make me a mod on your wiki, so I can help you to work with it? I have left you a post on your message wall, you'll find my user account there.


Can I be a meme?


File: 147016892015.jpg (20.07 KB, 590x421, THECAGE.jpg)

>on Musikchan


That clip is cool though, whole lot of nostalgia right here.


Is there anyone here who plays osu? I've found this game a few days ago, thanks to a friend. I'm totally hooked.

Fav beatmaps and skins? Ranking?

File: 14697521463.png (359.55 KB, 600x320, 1462920853849.png)


Tell us some of the dumb, crazy or cool shit you've done

>just outside of train station with friends
>we chilling, smoking pot and listening to Daft Punk
>one new guy overdoes it, goes bad and panics
>suddenly we see a crazy yellow lit thing in the sky
>its on collision course right for us
>we're baked out of our minds, no idea what is going on
>one guy cracks up, points and says "hey look, aliens are coming dude"
>guy who went bad totally flips his shit as thing comes closer to us
>he's having a flipping existential crisis while he starts yelling he doesn't want to be abducted by aliens
>we can't help but laugh like the dicks we are and gaze at approaching object
>it's coming like really close now and it's kinda big, we get a little nervous
>lol it's a Chinese sky lantern
>it flies over us and lands right on the train tracks
>panic guy is just about passed out of stress now
>we decide to call it a day, I cycle home by myself
>forget how to legs on the way home
>nearly crash into a ditch with bicycle and all
>get home, retreat to toilet cause too blazed to even look my parents in the eyes normally
>tell them I have to take a huge shit when they ask, not being questioned
>45 minutes later I crawl out of the toilet space and dive into bed
>feels comfy man


>be me
>16/17/18 at the time
>go to friends house to watch eurovision
>instead we go for a walk
>go down lane
>end up in cul de sac
>there's a canister of gas in themiddle of the road
>I start joking in a scummy accent that we should strap a cat to it and blow it up
>man comes out of his house with an axe and chases us for ten minutes
>we break down in tears laughing


>go into comic store
>cornflakes beside till
>joke with store owner
>'wow I didn't know you guys sell cereal'
>guy completely loses his shit
>asks me if it looks like they sell fucking cornflakes
>friend chimes in that it kind of does considering they have several boxes on the table
>he asks us if we are literally retarded and several other insults
>we say no
>he says I dunno you seem preeetty retarded
>starts yelling at us to get the fuck out of his store and never come back
We left him a bad review on Yelp later on


>man comes out of his house with an axe and chases us for ten minutes
Holy shit

>Get really fucking drunk with some friends and go to a hardcore concert
>Get more drunk when we arrive
>Take our shirts off
>Half naked in the pit
>Have glasses on in the pit
>Drop my glasses
>We try to find them
>Can't find them
>Flip my shit and punch a monitor/loudspeaker 5 times
>Blood comes out guzzling
>Wrap my fist
>Find the glasses, they're fine
>1 week later
>Get massive infection
>Can't move my fingers because of it
>Have to start taking Staklox
>Took me 3 weeks to get well

And now i have 3 moderately large scars on my fist.
This, among others, is the reason why i quit drinking. Sober for 9 months now.

File: 146965620260.jpg (462.6 KB, 1920x1080, flags-of-the-world1.jpg)


Hello All,

We had an idea recently. Do the flags promote or limit discussion? We have had them almost since the very beginning of MusikChan and have never been without them.

For the next month, as an experiment, we would like to run the board with no flags. To see what, if anything changes. Old posts will keep their flags.

This is of course all part of a continuing effort to making MusikChan the best possible community for everybody here.
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who the fuck are you guys?


The Arctic Monkeys


>the arctic monkeys were lurking this whole fucking time


File: 146965843162.jpg (310.36 KB, 1024x779, tarredandfeathered.jpg)

Mods to the rescue


I like the flags. Never gotten any racist vibes on musikchan and it's fun to see where people are from. also for better or worse, it can hint at (or mislead you) about which anon you're talking to...

File: 146933158275.jpg (23.77 KB, 236x354, image.jpg)


Are you talking of yourself, good sir? Perhaps you are the energy you feel in this time. Have you ever wondered why your soul crossed the mark of a millennia? Perhaps it is because you don't have one.

Perhaps the dead have been calling you home. Mayhaps the book of souls.. is writing your name as we speak. I was born a Shepard, raised a King. The age is coming, when you speak, you will sing. Life is what the moon can bring, the sons of sun are here again.

Sometimes you read the ancient word, of Old Gods transmitting the ancient path. The way is there if you have heard, the eyes can see through the looking glass.

File: 146896139911.gif (2.36 MB, 450x253, 1448237707840.gif)


Deep question time, musikchan

When you decide if you should or shouldn't do something, what things should you consider? These are some things I can think of clearly:
>Whether you have a desire to do it (or not do it)
>Whether you have a moral obligation or responsibility to do it (or not do it)
>The objective/physical consequences of doing it (or not) (e.g. physical addiction, bodily harm, scorn or judgement from others, jail time, etc, but not something vague like "it'd mess my mind up")

There is a fourth point I can't decide if it makes sense. It's trying to account for that lurking "it'd mess my mind up." This is it:
>The social implications of the action (different from actual scorn or judgement from others because it doesn't require others). Basically your internalized standards and how you see yourself as a part of society and as a person defined by their establishment of themselves in society

What do you guys think of this final point? Is it something we all (or at least most) have and considers, as social animals? Is it something someone should ideally free themselves from to live more in accordance with their own desires and standards, or is it underrated and do people not appreciate their obligation to work within society, to the point of making bad and reckless decisions for their mental health?
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File: 146899351153.png (261.51 KB, 321x505, erdogan.png)

>awful pot habit
I'm not going to judge you since I went through a phase of about a year where I smoked or drank almost every day, but maybe you should start watching the effects that pot is actually having on you. For instance, I started to notice the 'no hangover' thing is practically bullshit since even when I wasn't smoking I was still in a concentration-less haze. Even though I was doing it to help me sleep, I was tired all day. Zombified, etc. You also may want to consider why you rely on a substance (if you do) and start thinking about how you can fix that, and just continue enjoying the habit as much as possible, noting where it is not enjoyable in the mean time. But you can also just let it slide if you enjoy it and don't think it's negatively affecting your life and you enjoy it.

I assumed your decision was to do/not do something which would require a work load, but I realise you may just mean a single event. If this is the case, I kind of think you're just over-thinking it. For instance, by either of our criteria your pot habit is not so bad. It's just a choice of how you spend your time. It's not as if that's really a moral decision, you either have something you're working for or not, right? I'm probably more self-motivated than most people, but at the same time I'm afraid that in the end I'll just fail, or I still won't be happy, and I'll find I've wasted a whole lot of time and energy I could have spent just relaxing and enjoying myself.

Still, I don't think my criteria are unrelated to a decision to do something. If the thing conflicts with my schedule, for instance if I'm meant to be at work, well then I'd consider whether I really give a crap about the job. Etc. Anyway all the best with your situation, hopefully it'll work out either way.

>mfw you said /adv/


nah, it was doing some craaazy shit with my friends that sounded great but was out of my comfort zone. it was hard for me to figure out why for a while, but I figured it out basically. So yeah, I guess some decisions would require consideration of how it fits into your life in general, and some wouldn't. I was overthinking said craaazy shit though because I realized craaazy shit had multiple elements and some I was keen on and others I was not, and the not simply overrode the keen.

I'm not sure how my weed habit is affecting me. I feel like the periods I don't smoke I'm about the same as the periods I do (extended periods I mean). I've got some weird mental health shit for sure, but it's still true, and for years into the mental health shit I wasn't smoking. I dunno though, maybe it's worth it to take a break again. I feel like as long as I can do what I need to do (get back in school next term) I'm ok though. I don't want like three threads covering my pot issues though lol, enough on that


lol, ok, I guess I defend my habit in this post when I presented it pretty badly before now that I reread. I guess I feel pretty ambivalent.
/weed topic


Sure, all I'm saying is it probably isn't helping with any mental stuff you have. Again though, like with weed a lot of people go through life with unresolved mental shit, people get by. I think maybe weed affected me more strongly or I was more sensitive to the effects than most people or something, I know plenty of people who smoke regularly and don't get the side effects I described, or else find that pleasurable or whatever.

To go back to your original question, I guess getting out of your comfort zone won't do you any harm. If it's just something to experience once, or for a couple of weeks or whatever, that is involved in the decision (as opposed to some commitment or course of action), it's really just a question of whether you want to do it or not. For me at least. If your mental stuff is getting in the way of being sure of that, I would return to my first post personally. Either way unless the craaazy shit is killing babies or dealing crack cocaine or something really serious, I don't see why there would be a moral element to it, but maybe there's something involved I can't account for, idk. Sounds like it's a very specific problem you're having, maybe general advice won't cut it here.


>The social implications of the action (different from actual scorn or judgement from others because it doesn't require others). Basically your internalized standards and how you see yourself as a part of society and as a person defined by their establishment of themselves in society

You have to consider every facet of yourself in reference to this question, unless you're an old hermit. As much as it would be nice to bank on being an old hermit and always having the mind of the old hermit, even when you have not yet gone to your wonderful lonely place, it is not realistic and actually detrimental to you and society. You'll have more than enough time to mull over this question, when you finally reach your hut on top of the mountain! Until then, this is something you have to consider.

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