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File: 145426243467.jpg (151.47 KB, 1600x1212, Tinnitus.jpg)


Anyone here suffering from tinnitus? This might help relieve it. I have (thankfully very soft) tinnitus in my right ear and this helped. It does not work for everyone, but it definitely seems to help most who try it.



I have slight tinnitus from being a construction worker for a while and this helped, thanks m8

File: 145402397113.jpg (4.18 MB, 2952x1849, Music_lesson_Staatliche_An….jpg)


Since when does having an objectively superior taste in music equate to pretension?

Enjoy standing in a literal field surrounded by people who probably have oral herpes (90% of people do) jumping up and down in the rain to a band that only cares about asserting a hip image and scoring PTP. Meanwhile I'll be in my bathrobe at home after taking a long warm bath and dipping cookies into a glass of semi-skimmed milk while listening to an album you will go to your grave without either hearing about or possessing the capacity to appreciate, while the rain pattering against the window. While you trudge around in a dark bog in search of your damp and tiny tent as people with superior social skills and charisma giggle and chase each other to their shared sleeping bag, I will curl into a foetal position beneath my duvet, tucking it up to my chin and inhaling the subtle scent of a candle flickering nearby. While you wake up crying from the tinnitus inflicted by a band who don't comprehend the notion that loud noise isn't necessarily music, I will be dreaming of holding hands with my oneitis in a field of waist-length wheat, laughing and running to a small stream where we will bathe and picnic.


They host all these things in the same fields you know, you'll probably get all of their herpes all of them, anon


I'd rather get sophisticated oral herpes


Pretension sets in imo when you get snobby about your tastes, implying that you are automatically a better human being for having different (or more "refined") taste in whatever it is that you like

In a lot of cases, it's really just a matter of preference. As much as I enjoy relaxing at home to some Jazz, I also enjoy going to a club or festival here playing Dancehall, Moombahton, Samba, whatever, and enjoy dancing and socializing

While it probably definitely true that there is a certain correlation between some genres of music and the way they are enjoyed, I don't believe that one type of listener is superior to the other

all the oral herpes though

File: 145162547232.png (334.75 KB, 1334x750, image.png)


Happy New Year, MusikChan!!!
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Or, close enough


It's that time again


oh boy


I just realised that Musikchan recognises Taiwan as a sovereign nation lmao, we're never gonna make it big in China I guess


To anyone reading about the earthquake in Taiwan:

I am fine, it happened in the south and I am in the north. It also happened about an hour before I landed. It happened at about 3:45 am and people were home for Chinese New Year. Many people in the south lost homes and loved ones.

It's definitely a reminder of how quickly your life can change and how fortunate we are.

This is my second day here. I'll be creating a CNY thread once I get some good pics and stories.


Merry Christmas Musikchan!!!


Merry Christmas!!!



File: 14506261736.jpg (72.23 KB, 1300x953, peace.jpg)


>tfw you also get music news on musikchan


we try :)



>Rather than focus on a bombing campaign in Syria, or sending in ground troops, the billionaire offered a more novel, technological strategy: to "close off areas of the internet".

>"Isis is using the internet better than we are using the internet, and it was our idea," the 69-year-old entrepreneur told the audience in Las Vegas.

>"We should be able to penetrate the internet and find out exactly where Isis is and everything about Isis. "We can do that if we use our good people."

>"I would certainly be open to closing [the internet] in areas where we are at war with somebody," Trump replied, adding that he did not want terrorists using "our internet."



>Calling for expanded Internet access, the president said, "More nations and people should be given the chance to ride the fast train of the information age."

>He urged "reform of global Internet governance" and said "the old mentality of a zero-sum game or winner takes all" should be scrapped.

>All countries should advance opening up and cooperation in cyberspace and create more converging points of interests, according to Xi.

>He compared cyberspace to the real world, saying the world needs to strike a balance between order and freedom.

>"Cyberspace is not a place beyond the rule of law," he said.

>"We should respect Internet users' rights to exchange their ideas and express their minds, and we should also build a good order in cyberspace in accordance with law as it will help protect the legitimate rights and interests of all Internet users."

>Howard Goodison, part of a U.S. college students' delegation and in China for the first time, is awed by both the natural beauty and Internet infrastructure of Wuzhen.

>As a junior student majoring in International Relations at George Washington University, he was most impressed by Xi's proposal for an Internet governance system to promoting equity and justice.

>"Millions of dollars are lost a year due to cybercrime and as we benefit from the growth of the Internet, there should also be a sense of accountability," he said.

>"As China is spearheading this with this conference, other powerhouses like the United States and UK will be able to enforce this sense of equity and justice. It's not any individual country's job but a collaborative work," Goodison added.

>>>"We should respect Internet users' rights to exchange their ideas and exprePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


It was so retarded the way he kept on saying "our Internet" and "their Internet"

File: 144855448914.jpg (129.84 KB, 1440x900, image.jpg)


Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy thinksgiving to everyone in freedomland

File: 14480324343.png (53.59 KB, 300x100, 24.png)


Time for some new banners. Post your submissions in this thread. We are standardizing the banner size. So all submissions must be 300 x 100.

So with that said, start posting some banners!
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File: 145081814452.jpg (37.43 KB, 300x100, Musikchan banner5.jpg)


File: 145081932254.jpg (17.22 KB, 300x100, Musikchan banner6.jpg)

lemme know if you want more


I like this one



File: 145086176017.png (38.14 KB, 300x100, Piano Banner.png)

I threw this together quickly. I might be able to find some time to do more later.

File: 144769789510.jpg (54.06 KB, 348x391, BahlsenPfeffernusse200gNEW….jpg)


What is your favorite holiday snack?

Pic related, if you arent eating pfeffernusse for christmas, then you havent had a real christmas
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>not mince pies
>not Christmas pudding
>not trifle
>not Japanese KFC
Come on, now, this is a bit ott...


what part of the US do you live in that lemon bars are popular for the holidays? i have never had a lemon bar for christmas, but i think i have heard of them

ive only had mince pie once, but it was awesome. id like to try some christmas pudding, but havent encountered it yet.

in my experience if you can see why someone else appreciates something it usually helps you to appreciate it too.


File: 144781413159.jpg (60.32 KB, 453x242, oliebollen_champagn_101029….jpg)

Oliebollen. They are more or less deep fried balls of dough, eaten with powder sugar. They are the bomb.

I also love apple beignets.


The Dutch eat beignets?

They are a rarity here in the US, but when I was very young I lived in New Orleans for a few years. Beignets are a New Orleans specialty and I never forgot how delicious they were.


Hell yeah we do. They are not everywhere, but they are common. Usually we eat apple turnovers instead, which can be delicious as well, but apple beignets are often eaten as well.

File: 144682761252.png (63.21 KB, 320x480, 2015-11-06_17-26-32.png)


IRC stuff
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File: 146159908143.png (10.97 KB, 514x209, irc fun.png)

ay eire, missed ya today, somehow my IRC notifications were turned off


Damn, our room was randomly dropped yesterday and we lost all of our trivia points and quotes. I have no idea why this happened, but I'm sad now. :(

The room is up again though, with some new bot additions.


I went in this morning and was like 'wow, even the bots are gone' haha... too bad about the quotes though, at least you can get the trivia bot back





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