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Motivational Videos

ITT: Post Motivational Videos

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Damn this place still alive

Glad to see one of my niche boards is still alive, after 6-8 years of first finding it lmao.
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COVID19 is FAKE. The virus is FAKE!

The very concept of germs/viruses has never been proven: https://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/you-cannot-catch-bugs-germs-bacteria-or-candidafungi/

COVID19 is fake and is being used to create a new world order, a one-world government: http://tapnewswire.com/2020/09/ultimate-proof-covid-19-was-planned-to-usher-in-the-new-world-order/
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Do chicks know about your sexual tyrannosaurus?
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Root Beers I Have Tried

A while back I was drinking a drink from Taiwan and I thought it was so delicious. I didnt realize til later that it was root beer. Up until that point I had always hated root beer, but after this I changed my mind. I decided to go out and try every root beer I could find. In this thread I will post pictures and comments about them. Feel free to join in.
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Bump when high/vice of your choosing 1
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All glories to Lord Bune, the Duke! I praise his name, Bune!

Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa
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>tfw 2012 was 5 years ago
R:3 / I:1
>tfw 2014 was three years ago
R:3 / I:2
>tfw 2010 was 7 years ago
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Does anyone here cube?

I started over the winter and I am addicted. I recently solved a 9x9x9 cube with little difficulty.
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My spanish teacher is racist but I don't fault her, she's an old woman from Ecuador and I sort of let old people be racist.. ya know?

But it's really interesting to me, how accepting I am of people being racist against me, a white male. I am one of the few white guys in the class, there are a few black girls and I can see how quickly they side with this Ecuadorian woman on issues of little consequence, but which paint the picture of who is and who is not RAYYCISSSt.
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The future of Musikchan

Hello guys,

The Musikchan team wants to give our fellow Musikians the best possible experience. We want to bring more users to the board while keeping a high level of discussion. We want to get more streams for the Musikians. We want to work towards Musikchan Records and releasing albums by people who post on this board. I know that we can do it together.
So with that in mind I must ask you a few questions.

1. What are some ways that Musikchan can be improved? This can be anything. Let your mind run wild.

2. We want to improve our branding. With that in mind, we are going to commission a logo. What are your ideas for a Musikchan logo? What should it convey?

3. How can we attract more users to the board and more listeners on our streaming services?

As always, Thank you for your participation on the board. It is my honor to serve Musikchan.

On behalf of the Musikchan team,
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/nl.png" alt="nl" title="Netherlands" />

Anyone here watch Steven Universe? I've never seen a 'kids show' that is so grim and feelsy... and I love it.
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hey, I used to lurk here all the time about 6-7 years ago. I have the login info for the the musikchan mediafire saved in pword manager. It looks like it hasn't been accessed in about a year. has this stuff been lost or just inactive? I can't sus (heh) what's going on
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Probably the biggest event of the year.

Anyone watch?
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Can !m0zart share how he enabled embedded videos on musikchan, like the code or something? I want to know if it's feasible for other small boards to implement the same feature. Thanks.
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krautchan and hispachan are dead. two of the largest foreign imageboards, german and spanish respectively, gone at within in a very short period of each other. something is going on guys.
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Post visual art you're working on/made
Excuse the furry element. Still, I think it turned out cool
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Chinese New Year in Taiwan - 2018

Hello all,

This is the annual Chinese New Year in Taiwan thread. I will post a bunch of pictures and a few descriptions. I will try to fulfill any requests that I can.

Pic related: This is the first CNY thing I saw once I got off of the plane in Taiwan.
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Do you invest in cryptocurrencies?
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That feel when

Old thread stopped bumping

>tfw zero energy and motivation to do anything
>tfw still have way too much to do
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: Here I am, taking a hit, but I had false air I wanted to rid of, that worked for about 50% false air was gone, but so was some of the hit, went out thru my nose.
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Meme shit

Show us your memes bois
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Cashing in on the 'distracted boyfriend' meme

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Game of Thrones Season 7

Anyone watching this?
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How has your life changed from the time you began posting on musikchan until this moment?
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>tfw technically in NL, but can't chill with your NL bros
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

fun times loading trucks today
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Board Software Update

Hello all,

Since the end of last year, we have been planning a board software update as our previous software was becoming dated and barely supported. What you are looking at right now is the new software. It runs faster, has more features, and is all around coded better than our previous software.

What this means:
>we can now upload via URL, clipboard, or traditional file selection meaning you can post without having to save images.
>improved mobile support
>a post search function in the menu
>chan standard "click on an image to expand"
>optional flags

We are no longer allowing embedded videos as that slows the site down. We are looking into the possibility of "click to embed" style linking like 4chan has.

As with any new software, there may be bugs or features/improvements you would like to make. We encourage you to report bugs by posting them in this thread or by joining the discord and reporting them to the staff.

We thank you for being part of this and look forward to the future. We have more big plans coming this year.

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pics of cates, doggos n animals

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What android games are you guys playing?

Anyone play Wartime Cronies?
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Anyone played anything from the zero escape series?
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" /> Greek Lif

Anyone pledging/rushing?
I'm pledging for a fraternity right now, can't say which one, but it's pretty fun/stressful so far.
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ITT: cabbage posting
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If you are not already in the discord server, get in here. Every day there are awesome conversations and good music.

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Cringe thread

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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

How does [chill] feel about the Brexit?
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Chinese New Year

Every year I go to Taiwan for Chinese New Year and post pictures on [chill]. This year is no different. So without further ado, here is your taiwan picture dump.
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Holiday snacks

Let's talk holiday snacks

If you don't like pfeffernüsse you don't know shit about Christmas.
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Praise JD
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Random funnies

Post whatever
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News announcement

Musikchan will slowly be converted to an updated and optimized HTML5 source code. Existing themes will be slightly tweaked and the site as a whole will receive a make-over. Besides that, we will also be getting an official Musikchan wiki and a home page. We will do our best to keep yet improve upon the authentic Musikchan browsing experience. It is unsure how long the updating of Musikchan will take, our minimum estimated time is a few months.

Besides this, we now own a Discord server, which you can access through our navigation bar. Discord is an instant messaging and voice chatting app, which works in browsers, Windows, Macs and almost all mobile devices. There is more info below for those aren't familiar with Discord.*

The global thread bump limit is reduced from 500 to 200 posts, due to YouTube embeds slowing threads, and to stimulate the generation of new content and creation of more threads.

Lastly, Musikchan Reviews is looking for reviewers! Someone who has a genuine interest in music and is willing to write at least one review each week. The review has to live up to our guidelines and ethics. We have been putting this part of the website off for too long, so we have decided to blow this part of the website into a new life.

Happy browsing,


* When you join the Discord server, you'll need to register your username and verify the email address you're using for it. This is a security measure, to make it easier to moderate.

Discord is a free convenient web client, PC & MAC client and mobile app. It is used to join servers with channels, in a similar way to IRC. It has lots of nice features:
>voice chatting through voice channels
>friends and block system
>many convenient customization options
>a clean, organized user interface
>options for displaying a game or program as "playing game name" (like "playing Half Life 2" or "playing Ableton Live 9 Suit")
>user profiles and personal notes
>bots and their scripted actions galore
>tons of emoticons, most of which decent and not lame
>custom server emoticons

And a bunch of more cool stuff. Give Discord a try if you like what you're reading. Tt's an increasingly popular chatting and voice chatting client because it's easy and convenient.
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.gif thread

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What do you think of Trump v Hilary?

And what do you think of Trump? Why are people voting for him? I feel like I just don't "get it" because so many Americans are
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Stay safe Florida bros
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Question for any neuroscientists on the board

Does the ear attune in real time to volume changes? Example, I listen to music in my car, headphones, or just my stereo and after a while I feel the need to turn it up, because it sounds quieter. But, if for example someone calls for me, I seem to hear them at a normal volume.

So, my question is does the human ear adjust to volume levels in real time?
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Lost 60 bucks to some bum doing a shell game. I can't believe I was such an idiot to fall for it. I didn't know it was a classic trick if that's any defense, but that goes without saying...

Cheer me up musikchan by sharing stories of your own if you're an idiot too or know idiots

Some people are DICKS fuck man
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/tech/ general

Rate my cable management /chill/
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Ay all. Nexx here. I'm ditching the old nickname. The reasons are personal, but eventually for the better for me.

Ay. Thought I'd mention it.
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Our old youtube embed method was deprecated. I have written a new one. All old youtube embeds will have a warning from youtube at the bottom of the screen. All new embeds will be embedded according to the current youtube standard.

Please report any errors in this thread.

i am not anticipating any errors, but you never know
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What is your all-time favourite video game and why?

pic related, this game gets a bad rap from some people but I still love everything about it except the end of the final act and a couple of the edgier cut-scenes. I think Majora's Mask is probably overall a better game in terms of game design, but the art design, music, and storyline are all just off-beat just on-beat enough to embody everything I love about this franchise. It's also a lot more playable than Majora imo. This is the game that set the precedent that brought us Skyward Sword, but I don't think it falls into the bracket of being so derivative as to be a bad or even an unoriginal game. The design is unique enough, the improvements on Ocarina big enough (Ocarina doesn't look good at all to me anymore, but still good obviously) that I think this game is easily in the top 5 games of this series. Have I mentioned how much I love the design and music?

Gameplay wise, it's not the best game ever made, but as a Zelda vessel it's more than serviceable, and the animal mechanics are fantastic. The dungeon design is some of the best in any Zelda game, and while the wolf/Midna mechanic is a bit superficial it's still cool to play. Overall a big 8/10 from me.
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so what do you think of the opening ceremony? your thoughts on the scores? who's going to win? russian scandal? security alerts?
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my name is matvei
I'm from Russia
I got tired of 4chan's /mu/
how do u get into musikchan?
who are the admins and mods and other notable persons of musikchan?
are there any musikchan memes and musikchan -core albums?
tell me plz
R:1 / I:1
Can I be a meme?
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Is there anyone here who plays osu? I've found this game a few days ago, thanks to a friend. I'm totally hooked.

Fav beatmaps and skins? Ranking?
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Story time

Tell us some of the dumb, crazy or cool shit you've done

>just outside of train station with friends
>we chilling, smoking pot and listening to Daft Punk
>one new guy overdoes it, goes bad and panics
>suddenly we see a crazy yellow lit thing in the sky
>its on collision course right for us
>we're baked out of our minds, no idea what is going on
>one guy cracks up, points and says "hey look, aliens are coming dude"
>guy who went bad totally flips his shit as thing comes closer to us
>he's having a flipping existential crisis while he starts yelling he doesn't want to be abducted by aliens
>we can't help but laugh like the dicks we are and gaze at approaching object
>it's coming like really close now and it's kinda big, we get a little nervous
>lol it's a Chinese sky lantern
>it flies over us and lands right on the train tracks
>panic guy is just about passed out of stress now
>we decide to call it a day, I cycle home by myself
>forget how to legs on the way home
>nearly crash into a ditch with bicycle and all
>get home, retreat to toilet cause too blazed to even look my parents in the eyes normally
>tell them I have to take a huge shit when they ask, not being questioned
>45 minutes later I crawl out of the toilet space and dive into bed
>feels comfy man
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Hello All,

We had an idea recently. Do the flags promote or limit discussion? We have had them almost since the very beginning of MusikChan and have never been without them.

For the next month, as an experiment, we would like to run the board with no flags. To see what, if anything changes. Old posts will keep their flags.

This is of course all part of a continuing effort to making MusikChan the best possible community for everybody here.
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" /> Poetry

Are you talking of yourself, good sir? Perhaps you are the energy you feel in this time. Have you ever wondered why your soul crossed the mark of a millennia? Perhaps it is because you don't have one.

Perhaps the dead have been calling you home. Mayhaps the book of souls.. is writing your name as we speak. I was born a Shepard, raised a King. The age is coming, when you speak, you will sing. Life is what the moon can bring, the sons of sun are here again.

Sometimes you read the ancient word, of Old Gods transmitting the ancient path. The way is there if you have heard, the eyes can see through the looking glass.
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

Deep question time, musikchan

When you decide if you should or shouldn't do something, what things should you consider? These are some things I can think of clearly:
>Whether you have a desire to do it (or not do it)
>Whether you have a moral obligation or responsibility to do it (or not do it)
>The objective/physical consequences of doing it (or not) (e.g. physical addiction, bodily harm, scorn or judgement from others, jail time, etc, but not something vague like "it'd mess my mind up")

There is a fourth point I can't decide if it makes sense. It's trying to account for that lurking "it'd mess my mind up." This is it:
>The social implications of the action (different from actual scorn or judgement from others because it doesn't require others). Basically your internalized standards and how you see yourself as a part of society and as a person defined by their establishment of themselves in society

What do you guys think of this final point? Is it something we all (or at least most) have and considers, as social animals? Is it something someone should ideally free themselves from to live more in accordance with their own desires and standards, or is it underrated and do people not appreciate their obligation to work within society, to the point of making bad and reckless decisions for their mental health?
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" /> Do you re

I know this will catch me some flak, but I think reading is dying. It's not anything particular to reading, all arts are being synthesized into the global creation of matrices that tailor to every human desire. Music, visual art, story telling, even taste and smell will soon ( within this century ) be incorporated into mass use VR. It's audacious to claim it, but nonetheless, the singularity cannot be denied.

But I think words are going to be the first to go. Books are dead.. Long live books!! Is currently where I believe writers and readers are. Millions of works, from philosophy to religion and everything in between, found their perfect expression in the day and age of books. But with the advent of TV, of video games ( which are a new form of all encompassing art. "Video game" doesn't get to the bottom of what virtual worlds will eventually become ), and the Internet, reading is just a "slow" art. Don't get me wrong - LOVE reading. I'm currently reading "Undaunted Courage", a beautifully written true tale of Lewis and Clark, and their expedition when they first discover America. I couldn't recommend it enough. But whenever I pick it up, or any book for that matter, I feel that it is becoming more a thing of novelty, an item only for a shelf, in a tasteful room.

I'm sure all of us will occasionally read until the end of our days. Reading allows for complete freedom of imagination. But it does it in such a slow way. That is why I say, though reading had its time.. Books are dead.
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/nl.png" alt="nl" title="Netherlands" /> Pictures of

aw yeah
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

somehow I never saw this until today
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/ie.png" alt="ie" title="Ireland" /> ITT post quotes

"All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible."
- T.E. Lawrence
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" /> streaming

post some streaming links for great films. please only post links with reasonable image quality.

i give you 'the man who wasn't there'
>a straight and narrow average joe gets himself caught up in blackmail, murder, adultery, etc. shot in black and white, set in 1949 & directed by the coen brothers.

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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/nl.png" alt="nl" title="Netherlands" /> Let&#039;s

Anyone here who watches let's plays or game montages?

I love these guys. I follow VanossGaming religiously and am never disappointed.
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/tw.png" alt="tw" title="Taiwan" /> Taiwan CNY 2016

Hello everyone,

Last year I made a thread for Chinese New Year and it turned out pretty good. So this year I will share my adventures again.
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

Missing cat found twice its original size after living for 14 months in a pet food factory

>A family cat which disappeared 14 months ago has piled on the pounds - after he was found living in a nearby PET FOOD factory.

>Two-year-old Norwegian Forest cat Clive disappeared from his home in December 2014 leaving owners Tanya and Jonathan Irons devastated.

>The couple, who have two-year-old daughter Elizabeth, put up posters around the neighbourhood and launched an appeal on Facebook but to no avail.

>Clive was finally found on Wednesday by staff at a pet food factory two miles away, who had noticed treats had been going missing.

>Now the family have been reunited with Clive - who has ballooned to almost twice his original size.

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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/ie.png" alt="ie" title="Ireland" />

What are some of your favourite movies, musikchan? Bonus points for why.

This is one of my all time tops. How they managed to make a film about a reclusive, poor woman from a rural background relatable to a middle-class, 19 year old boy from a middle-class background I'll never know, but this one never left me. If you are depressive or feel lonely, I recommend this film in spades.
(Apologies for the shitty trailer but don't let it put you off.)
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/fr.png" alt="fr" title="France" /> Food

Let's talk about food we like

Pic related: soupe à l'oignon gratinée (French onion soup) is absolutely GOAT
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/nl.png" alt="nl" title="Netherlands" />

Anyone here suffering from tinnitus? This might help relieve it. I have (thankfully very soft) tinnitus in my right ear and this helped. It does not work for everyone, but it definitely seems to help most who try it.

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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

Since when does having an objectively superior taste in music equate to pretension?

Enjoy standing in a literal field surrounded by people who probably have oral herpes (90% of people do) jumping up and down in the rain to a band that only cares about asserting a hip image and scoring PTP. Meanwhile I'll be in my bathrobe at home after taking a long warm bath and dipping cookies into a glass of semi-skimmed milk while listening to an album you will go to your grave without either hearing about or possessing the capacity to appreciate, while the rain pattering against the window. While you trudge around in a dark bog in search of your damp and tiny tent as people with superior social skills and charisma giggle and chase each other to their shared sleeping bag, I will curl into a foetal position beneath my duvet, tucking it up to my chin and inhaling the subtle scent of a candle flickering nearby. While you wake up crying from the tinnitus inflicted by a band who don't comprehend the notion that loud noise isn't necessarily music, I will be dreaming of holding hands with my oneitis in a field of waist-length wheat, laughing and running to a small stream where we will bathe and picnic.
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

Happy New Year, MusikChan!!!
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/gb.png" alt="gb" title="United Kingdom" />

Merry Christmas Musikchan!!!
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/gb.png" alt="gb" title="United Kingdom" />

>tfw you also get music news on musikchan
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/ie.png" alt="ie" title="Ireland" /> BREAKING: Donal


>Rather than focus on a bombing campaign in Syria, or sending in ground troops, the billionaire offered a more novel, technological strategy: to "close off areas of the internet".

>"Isis is using the internet better than we are using the internet, and it was our idea," the 69-year-old entrepreneur told the audience in Las Vegas.

>"We should be able to penetrate the internet and find out exactly where Isis is and everything about Isis. "We can do that if we use our good people."

>"I would certainly be open to closing [the internet] in areas where we are at war with somebody," Trump replied, adding that he did not want terrorists using "our internet."
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

Happy Thanksgiving!
R:18 / I:8

<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" /> Banner Th

Time for some new banners. Post your submissions in this thread. We are standardizing the banner size. So all submissions must be 300 x 100.

So with that said, start posting some banners!
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

What is your favorite holiday snack?

Pic related, if you arent eating pfeffernusse for christmas, then you havent had a real christmas
R:15 / I:4

<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/nl.png" alt="nl" title="Netherlands" /> IRC thread

IRC stuff
R:6 / I:4

<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/nl.png" alt="nl" title="Netherlands" /> No shave No

Any other bros getting their beard game on?
R:1 / I:1

<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

Anyone watching the World Series?
R:7 / I:1

<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" /> DREAM THR

I rarely remember my dreams, and I hear to improve your memory of that stuff, it's good to write down what you do remember. So ITT, feel free to share your dreams, comment on others', whatever

Anyway, last night the only thing I remember is finding discarded wrapping paper for a gift I got when I was a kid- and discovering that there were a few extra gifts attached to it I forgot to open, and that one was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/gb.png" alt="gb" title="United Kingdom" /> How well


I don't usually do this stuff, but I got linked to this quiz & I'm curious as to how well people will do. As a legit Fifer & part time Weegie, I scored full marks.
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/nl.png" alt="nl" title="Netherlands" />

Dat lunar eclipse.
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

So I was googling people to see where they were at in life, I don't have a facebook so this is the best I could do.

Anyways I found a guy I used to go to the local boxing gym with. He was much more serious than I was but he was a cool dude, I stopped going when I started college about 5 years ago before I dropped out and recently I wanted to start going back now that the lasik guys said it shouldn't hurt(although I'm still skeptical)

So I look him up a bit more and He's basically been pro for about 3 years now. 6 wins, 3 KO's. Won a golden gloves tournament, been fighting pretty much everyone around the area but can't find good enough sparring partners so he's been traveling. It blew my fucking mind. I've been reading a few news articles about him, and this shit is surreal. It's like the stereotypical scene in the movies where you find out that a person you knew is making it big time.

I had a shot of envy, but then I realized what a douche I was and I felt good for him. Although I do have to admit it added a bit more anxiety to my situation. I don't know where I'm going and lately I've been feeling extremely detached from everything. Even my job which was once my anchor doesn't hold much sway over me as it used to.

Whatever /end blogpost
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

I am resisting such a temptation to respond to smartasses with trolling on the edx discussion.

I forget that outside imageboards reddit tier users are king.

**I don't want to be kicked out**

**thanks obama**
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<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/nl.png" alt="nl" title="Netherlands" /> Cooking

Cooking is the shit. Share your creations, recipes you like, tips, anything.
R:18 / I:5

<img src="http://www.musikchan.com/css/images/cb/us.png" alt="us" title="United States" />

What does musikchan think about tulpas?
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I want 4chon back.


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What languages do you all speak?

I got English and some half-forgotten Gaelic and German. I'm beginning to learn some Chinese right now for the heck of it. The tones have really improved my Kermit impression: http://www.beijingputonghua.com/learning/symb/pinyin.htm
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yall watching the trump show tonight?
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anything goes

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so which snack foods are pleb and which are patrician?
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Sup bros. Just wanna share my travel vlog with yall, maybe you'll like it!
I feel safe sharing this with this site, so yeah.
Canada has been awesome.