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Hello guys,

The Musikchan team wants to give our fellow Musikians the best possible experience. We want to bring more users to the board while keeping a high level of discussion. We want to get more streams for the Musikians. We want to work towards Musikchan Records and releasing albums by people who post on this board. I know that we can do it together.
So with that in mind I must ask you a few questions.

1. What are some ways that Musikchan can be improved? This can be anything. Let your mind run wild.

2. We want to improve our branding. With that in mind, we are going to commission a logo. What are your ideas for a Musikchan logo? What should it convey?

3. How can we attract more users to the board and more listeners on our streaming services?

As always, Thank you for your participation on the board. It is my honor to serve Musikchan.

On behalf of the Musikchan team,


File: 1511325009056.png (101.73 KB, 2880x1486, Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at ….png)

Minor thing, but is there a way to make it so this doesn't happen?


What are you doing when this happens?


It happens whenever I open my browser and go directly to the website. Not after that once I give it permission. Surely there's a setting I could change, but it's not like this happens by default for other sites, so I think it's something that must be fixable


Actually that's not quite right, it happens /whenever/ I type in "musikchan.com" and click enter


I have made some minor tweaks to the board which should improve SEO.

I think that this happens because "musikchan.com" automatically redirects to musikchan.com/music. I am not sure how to fix that, but I will look into it


Yeah, that's why it does it, so I can understand if not much can be done- unless it was possible for musikchan.com itself to be the main board, and then /chill of course to remain chill- if I want to go here directly I'm used to typing in the full URL, but the music board I just think of as musikchan.com


A lot of websites do this though. I feel like it should be able to be done without an error. I will look into it


1.More sub-boards. Music is just too general. While having a sub-board for every genre would be impractical, there could still be more division. Maybe have a board to actually post music and another to music related discussion/analysis? To my knowledge, you can't embed videos in here, which would be massively useful.
2.Something obvious like a treble clefs with a clover as a dot would work. A similar thing with the dal segno sign would also work.
3.I don't know. Make promotional stuff?


File: 1514140485448.jpg (28.66 KB, 415x540, tumblr_myzmpubINI1skigmyo1….jpg)

Thanks and good post.

>More sub-boards. Music is just too general.

We will have to attract more users first. As it stands, new boards sit for weeks without a single post. After we become more active more boards can become a reality.

>To my knowledge, you can't embed videos in here, which would be massively useful

I am working on coding that as we speak. I am not super talented, but I wrote the clyp embed from scratch, so I think I can manage a youtube embed.


>2.Something obvious like a treble clefs with a clover as a dot would work. A similar thing with the dal segno sign would also work.

These are good ideas and I will give these some serious thought.

3.I don't know. Make promotional stuff?

When the next Musikians album drops, I plan to contact as many reviewers as I can so that we can get some reviews, some listens, and hopefully some new musikians. I have also been working on improving our search rankings. There is probably more that I can do, but I have not figured it out just yet.


I don't know anything about coding, so I'm just curious. Is embedding a YouTube play list within the realm of possibility? I haven't seen that done before on any music board.


Can you guys test the embed functionality? So far it only works when you post the link generated by the share button, but I can expand that in the future.


Is there any site you know that does this? If so, let me know. If it is done elsewhere, then it can be done here.


The embed feature on this site already does this. I just tested it.


File: 1514162686340.jpg (213 KB, 1200x675, programme-cover-1479809735.jpg)

Nice, I just wrote this earlier today. It's a Christmas miracle.

This embed function will be enabled site wide later today


more stickers… I can't find mine


I'll tell ya what. When we finalize a logo, I will do another run of stickers and send them worldwide.


File: 1514180463283.png (383.98 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5707.PNG)

YouTube auto-embed enabled site wide. As of now it only works when the shortened link, that is generated when you click share on the YouTube page, is used. This will be expanded upon. Please report any bugs in this thread.

Pic and vid related.





I looked into this. It seems like something that has to be fixed from the user end. Sorry I cant be of more help at the moment.


Do you need 2 stickies on the music board?


not really anymore, thanks!


Is there a way you can combine a couple of threads on /music/?

The newest /trad/ could take in;



Or just copy the posts from these threads into the new /trad/ and delete the other ones? I'm just thinking minimal duplicate themed threads would better to serve the low traffic and breadth of discussion.



Sorry, the software does not have this function.

I agree that would help though.


Ah well, just a thought. Maybe I should stop making so many similar threads!


nah its cool. everyone seems to appreciate your posts.

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