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Welcome to /instr/!

This board is for everyone who plays instruments, sings, or simply likes either of these. Discuss anything related to these, find people to jam with and what not. Maybe you'll get those tips you didn't know you needed, or end up forming a band!

Please do not post about synthesizers here, these belong in /prod/.

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What's the instrument in this song that makes that rattly, resonant sound? It sounds like an electric piano or a harpsichord, but I'm not sure, it's probably something else entirely


That's an electric guitar with effects on it, haha. Sounds like it was run through a reverb -> chorus -> equalizer effect chain. Might be wrong, but that's what it sounds like to me. It probably sounds weird because the guitarist is sliding down with it. Very cool effect, I dig this song!


what do you mean sliding? I'd assume you mean.. you know, slides, but it doesn't sound like that to me- after all it's just playing a single chord most of the time. In any case, it's a very unique sound, I feel inspired to find out how to make it myself


Also yeaaaaa dude, that song is awesome. Stan Hubbs should be /music/core lol

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What are you currrently working on?


I'm working on learning The Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers for a jam later this week.



I'm just slacking off with playing guitar. Probably going to start playing daily again soon.


working on this bad boy

>Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk


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What is a good resource on learning chord-melody style?

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>barre chords


If you practice the CAGED system of chords, you will be playing ridiculous amounts of barre chords and afterwards they wont bother you much


Guess I'll just have to go through the rough then

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You must include feedback along with whatever you ask feedback for. Be descriptive, show us what you've listened to the track. If you don't or make lazy feedback, your post will be removed.

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