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Check out the latest album from the Musikians!!

File: 1521158175800.jpg (43.09 KB, 460x562, civil war beat fire.jpg)


Time for a new album!

Check out the previous album, 25:

Rules & general info:
>By submitting to The Musikians you agree to these rules

Submit your WAV, FLAC and ALAC tracks here:

Old thread: >>31854


Album title: The Musikians

The Traveler (3:46)
Aquaphobe (3:02)
I Hunger (0:26)
Smoke (2:30)

Total tracks: 4
Total length: 9m 44s


Cool. I have a track which will definitely be on here


Working on stuff, let's see how much will be done..


I just bought a drum machine, so there might be some cool shit I can submit.


The Musikians
(Self-Titled Record)


well damn


To be clear, was this intended to be "The Musikians (Self-Titled Record)" or "The Musikians"

Hoping it's not "The Musikians (Self-Titled Record)" but whoever came up with this probably should decide



Yeah it's just The Musikians.

I only typed that in parenthesis to make it clear that I intend it to be a self titled record.


Still working on stuff, but it's slow going.


got a track ready(ish) to drop


Thinking about dropping an EBM track in here. Dropped The Traveler in here, am fairly satisfied with that one. Can't really use it in any of my projects, so might as well submit it here.

Nice. Can't wait to hear it!


File: 1536816250260.jpg (64.87 KB, 960x895, FEAF83D0-EBEB-41E0-8A3D-70….jpg)

How is everyone doing on their submissions?



Hey, I heard spicy news there was gonna be Midi rage on this thing, did he finish a submission or what?


File: 1536986725094.png (213.42 KB, 484x253, ClipboardImage.png)

>midi rage

oh shit, i hope so

I just heard a preview of one of the tracks and it was fucking slamming


Just submitted an old track of mine. Anyone got anything cooking?


I've got one. I'll submit this week. Also what's the policy for if we remastered and touched up an old song we submitted several albums ago? Same song, just better sounding.


Finishing up some stuff that I'm sending to The Musikians, y'all better get ready for this.

I don't know if Discogs will accept that, but if mzrt agrees, we can do remastering of old tracks… if you're able to provide a .wav of the original.


give me an idea for a musical shitpost for this album and I will make it


ok bros, its gonna be aggrotech

how many tracks do we have so far?

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