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Musikchan should get more active again

Where do you guys currently talk about music?


I seriously miss this place


/mu/ is pretty bad, so I just use rym to find new stuff. I don't really discuss music at all.


I dont talk about music because I am an asshole who only likes a few things. Sorry, but thats just the way that I am.


Either the Musikchan Discord or EDMP. I would post more here but bass music gets zero interest here



How is the discord? Is it worth joining?


Why doesn't musikchan try to actually make a thread at /mu/ that actually sticks? Musikchan is dead as fuck, and this isn't even about "quality > quantity", since MC has neither. Again, try to make yourselves a home over there at /mu/ (just a general is all we need) so that people stick to it. That's all we need, just a single thread of quality posters.


sad to see musikchan is almost dead
remember coming here in 2012


pretty sure I remember you

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