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Welcome to /prod/!

/prod/ is meant as a place for producers, audio engineers and alike to discuss and meet. Collaborate, remix, learn new things, get feedback, improve yourself and more!

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What volume do you produce at and have you acoustically treated your room?

Here's my usual listening and production levels.

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Post & rate em
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That's neat, the basics work just fine am I right? Your mixes and production are good from what I've heard.

I want to get the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 Ohm and acoustically treat my room too.


Yeah, I'm honestly a bit surprised at how well I can mix on my monitors given what people say, of course, I still have to go to my 280s to finish. There's a lot of gear that I want to get though, so I figure, hey if I can mix on what I have now then I don't really NEED a DAC or treatment. I hope to get a portable mic for foley, some analog synths or FX to mess with my audio for some sound design experiments and whatnot. I see so much cool stuff over at Guitar Center and it makes me want to spend all my money!


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Is this a battle station?


Yup! What's up with the missing strings though?


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What is the balance of hardware/software like in your music?

Do you prefer one method over the other?

How well do the two worlds integrate for you?


100% software at present


i like the flexibility of software, I dont see any real benefit to having hardware other than having tangible objects to interact with, which can be inspiring


when i did have more hardware i always found that it did not mix well with softsynths. this is probably attributable to my lack of mixing skills at the time


>What is the balance of hardware/software like in your music?
100% software and likely to stay this way, unless instruments count as hardware.

>Do you prefer one method over the other?

Yes, I strongly prefer software. I'm lost without Ableton.

>How well do the two worlds integrate for you?

I haven't even touched the hardware side, haha


I totally prefer hardware. My favorite way of recording is just with my mic instruments and audacity. But maybe hardware/software is a moot point when you simply prefer using physical instruments (I mean, is that really /hardware/?)

It really depends on what you're working on though. I also like making mashups, mixes and remixes with dj software, and that's 100 percent on my computer

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Post music with sound design that blew you away when you first heard it



Charlie Darker & Far Too Loud - Nail Gun
>bass house

Haywyre - I Am You
>future bass

Void Settler - Her Naked Thin Glass-Made Clock
>industrial hardcore, glitch, IDM

The Outside Agency - Godspeed
>dubstep, industrial hardcore, crossbreed


Swell Maps - Big Maz In The Desert
Jandek - The Only Way You Can Go
Jandek - Green And Yellow

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What are some production "must haves" that every producer must have?


First off: a DAW that clicks with you, to ensure a swift workflow. Your ideas will be more finely detailed with ease and not lost in the process of working it out.

Second: basic production knowledge. These can be found all over the web. YouTube is especially handy for visual reference and visual learners.

These plugin types are a must-have for any producer IMO:

For creative use:
>wavetable synths
>subtractive synths
>additive synths
>FM synths
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Trade feedback for feedback!

You must include feedback along with whatever you ask feedback for. Be descriptive, show us what you've listened to the track. If you don't or make lazy feedback, your post will be removed.

Please use Clyp.it or Soundcloud.com!

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